Young doctors Sexually transmitted disease is one of the main reasons that someone may contract HIV. The solution to such a situation is administering HIV PEP; it stands for HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis. It contains a proper combination of 3 antiretroviral drugs; at least. They maximize the suppression of HIV virus as well as prevent the progression of the disease. Many clinics like HIV PEP Clinic Singapore have the necessary facilities to render diagnosis and treatment.

The time limit to commence PEP is within first 24 hours from the moment of exposure. Though it can still be useful up-till 72 hours after exposure, but it is better to start as soon as possible, but there are no absolute windows after which this procedure must be withheld. When it is a matter of occupational exposure, ARV medications or an antiretroviral therapy is rendered to all healthcare workers that may have made contact accidentally; with HIV virus. This may happen with needle-stick wounds or getting in contact with mucous membrane to most infectious matter such as body fluids or blood. HIV PER is also rendered to others who don’t belong to occupational exposure to HIV. Individuals indulging in high-risk sex activities or drug-abusers

Some instances where PEP can be required

 · Sexual assault or Rape victims

 · Condom break or condom slips with high-risk companions

 · Occupational exposures

 · Unprotected sex

 · Drug abuse with shared needles or syringes

Although, many avoid PEP because they don’t think that they can ever contract HIV. But those kinds of people are the one who needs it most. Approaching a general physician to seek advice is highly recommended in these kinds of situations. Either the doctor will prescribe complete screening or right away administer PEP to the patient. Whatever the situation may be, going to a doctor in time is exponentially vital. Without doing that one can’t expect to live through this trauma and die peacefully.

Avoiding unsafe intercourse with same sex or opposite sex individual is the first requisite to keep HIV infection at bay. Also, drug abuse by using same needle will certainly bring HIV to an addict or the addict to HIV. Whatever the case may be, the individual will lose, if he doesn’t take precautions. It is always better to go to a good and well-equipped clinic to get oneself treated because privacy is maintained, everything is quick and the cost on treatment is affordable.