How Vital Is HACCP Certification For Food Production Companies In Singapore HACCP is popularly known as hazard analysis and critical control points is deemed as a vital approach towards systematic preventive measure to safeguard food from chemical, physical and biological hazards in production processes. If any of those hazardous elements contaminate the food ingredients or finished product, then it will be absolutely unsafe for consumption. The designs of haccp certification Singapore is deemed as prevention of all hazards than inspection of finished product. This system is ready to be used on all kind of food preparation and production processes at all its stages. In Singapore, it is mandatory to have the food safety procedures implied and followed by the food processing units.

It is also vital to comprehend that HACCP is recognized as an international logical tool for necessary adaption of traditional methods of inspection of food, to a science based modern system of food safety. This system is based on accurate risk-assessment and its planning allows both government and food industry to allocate the necessary resources in proper manner to establish as well as audit the safe production practices for food. Although it was founded in US initially, now every country follows its guidelines for their own domestic food processing industry.

Why it is vital for Singapore food production companies?

The geographical location of Singapore makes it become important for international business. This consequently makes the food processing units here under good stress for supplying quality products to the immense demand from foreign as well as domestic buyers. In order to keep the quality matched with international standards, they have to follow the HACCP rules and guidelines. Furthermore, from business point of view, this is exponentially vital and explained briefly in below mentioned points;

 · Many companies buy processed food for their kitchen and pantry. These food products must be from a genuine source because health is the top concern for all the companies that care for their staff as well as visiting delegates.

 · For companies that trade in processed food products abroad, having HACCP certified products is imperative. As customs in many countries don’t allow food products  without certified cross into their borders.

 · It is easy to buy food products manufactured or processed in Singapore and then take them to another country because the connectivity is excellent. This makes HACCP certification more vital for these food products to be sold.

Overall, HACCP certification governs the benefits of Singapore food processing industry.